The EV apparatus was used for the first measurements of transport to 3D thermal equilibrium states, then for measurements of 2D fluid instability and transport. The 2D fluid program is now being pursued on CamV, where the one-shot imaging is an immense improvement. Current experiments on EV include bulk particle transport toward thermal equilibrium in a pure-electron plasma as headed by Jason Kriesel.

The main strengths of EV are its longtime confinement at low magnetic fields, and its high accuracy measurements of particle density and temperature. The latter allow derivation of the particle and heat fluxes. We believe these measurements will continue to be a useful adjunct to the high accuracy particle density measurements of CamV, and to the non-destructive particle density and temperature measurements on ions in IV.

The EV Electron Apparatus

Recent Work
* Viscous Particle Transport
* Asymmetry-Induced Transport
* Electron Column from a Cathode with a Radially Varying Potential --Initial Density Profile
* EV Electrode Schematic

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